Hydroren B30

The problem

Water in hydraulic fluid damages a hydraulic system. Water enters the system through external air or from components exposed to humid environments. Linked water speeds on the aging of the oil and when the hydraulic fluid gets saturated and free water accumulates in drops, it damages the lubricating film with great wear as a consequence.


Tanks with patented Hydroren® and filter systems make the air filtered from particles and water condensed away. The dry air means that water is not supplied via the air and that the hydraulic fluid is dried out when the air in the tank attracts the moisture. Even oil mist is condensed away from the air, which gives a better working environment.
For larger systems you may need an external filter as well as the possibility to stop the tank using bellows. Hydroren® and the filter system are flexible and adapted to your system and your needs.

Other benefits of Hydroren® B30

• Cleaner system
• Higher efficiency
• Longer oil change intervals
• Longer life of components
• Compatible with existing hydraulic systems
• Building system for different needs
• Suitable for small to large systems