Sustainable Operation

Hydroren introduces a new generation of filters, tanks and accessories to oil-based tank and lubrication systems – and eliminates disposable filters with limited capacity and service life.

Hydroren Clean System is a complete product line with filters, tanks and accessories that increase the durability of your machines by reducing pollution in hydraulics and gearbox oil. The components can be implemented independently and together depending on the desired application.

Maintenance-free air filters stop moisture and particles effectively.

Products to continuously purify the oil from moisture and particles.

Specially designed tanks for efficient maintenance of the oil.

the key to imrpoved lifetime of machines and lubricants

Water and particles that pollute hydraulic fluids and lubricants reduce the life span of both components and liquids. The deterioration begins long before water or particles are visible to the naked eye – which means that many are not aware of their problem.

Reduced consumption and improved capacity

Today, the industry relies largely on traditional filters to remove moisture and particles. The absorbent material has a limited capacity, which means that the filter after time loses function and needs to be replaced. Our patented filter instead uses condensation to remove the water and can therefore work with maintained capacity over time. By using Hydroren, you can therefore eliminate the need for filter changes and be confident that the oil is continuously purified from water.

From reactive to condition based maintenance

Shifts in the operating environment make it difficult to calculate when traditional filters have been consumed and when maintenance should take place. If service is done at a certain interval, there is still a risk that replaced filters may have been lost in capacity for a long time or alternatively still have capacity available. Hydroren’s service-free operation reduces the need for maintenance and provides the product with sensors with a simple option that enables monitoring and condition-based maintenance.

Plug and play

Most of the components of the Hydroren System are easy to connect and work with existing filter connections. They can be connected to 12V, 24V or 240V and consume only 15W in the basic version.

Removes moisture and reduces humidity from hydraulic tanks and electric cabinets.

Hydroren Clean Air is a new generation of filters that by condensation reduces the humidity in tanks and closed systems. Its unique design achieves continuous performance without filter changes, which increases capacity and reduces maintenance costs.

Removes particles and water from oil

Hydroren Clean Oil is a new generation of products for maintenance of lubrication systems, gearboxes and hydraulics. Hydroren Clean Oil removes the free water from the existing tank and purifies the oil from particles for improved lifetime, reduced maintenance costs and safer operation.

Tanks designed for maximized durability

The Hydroren Clean Tank includes everything to be found in the next generation of hydraulic and gearbox tanks. The tanks are adapted depending on application and are prepared for all modules and control system available in Hydroren’s product portfolio. With a focus on reducing pollution from the start, a sustainable and cost-effective operating environment is created.

Let's talk!

Hydroren provides a more sustainable operating environment with less maintenance and maintained performance over time. We look forward to offer you a solution that gives you value from day one.


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Craftmanship by Thordab

Craftmanship by Thordab

Hydroren är en patenterad innovation utvecklad av Thordab. De senaste fyrtio åren har Thordab arbetat med utveckling och innovation vilket genererat ett stort antal patent och banbrytande lösningar. 

Bakom Thordab står innovatören och entreprenören Roger Gustavsson. Under hela sin karriär har Roger drivits av att minska resursslöseriet genom att ständigt ifrågasätta och utmana konventionella metoder och lösningar.

Idéen till Hydroren föddes när Roger, i egenskap av både delägare och innovatör, arbetade med utvecklingen av hybridskotaren “Elforest”. Med en effektiv hydraulolja höll man nere temperaturen på hydrauloljan, och med ett fuktabsorberande luftfilter så höll man problemen med fukt borta.

Fuktabsorbenterna gjorde sitt jobb men kombinationen av sval olja och en fuktig omgivning gjorde att filtret behövde bytas ofta, minst var 6:e vecka under vissa perioder. Då kläcktes idén att kondensera bort fukten för att slippa upprepade filterbyten.

Efter ett omfattande utvecklingsarbete och tester så är nu produkten ute på marknaden.
– “Vi har nu levererat avfuktare till många olika typer av branscher, överallt där avfuktaren monteras märker man en markant skillnad på oljans fuktinnehåll” säger Roger.

Craftmanship by Thordab

Hydroren is a patented innovation developed by Thordab. For the past forty years, Thordab has worked with development and innovation, generating a large number of patents and groundbreaking solutions. 

Behind Thordab is the innovator and entrepreneur Roger Gustavsson. Throughout his career, Roger has been driven by reducing resource wastage by constantly questioning and challenging conventional methods and solutions.

The idea for Hydroren was born when Roger, as both co-owner and innovator, worked on the development of the hybrid forwarder “Elforest”. With an efficient hydraulic oil, the temperature of the hydraulic oil was kept down, and with a moisture-absorbing air filter, the problems with moisture were kept away.

The moisture absorbers did their job, but the combination of cool oil and a damp environment meant that the filter needed to be changed frequently, at least every 6 weeks during certain periods. Then the idea of condensing away the moisture was hatched to avoid repeated filter changes.

After extensive development work and testing, the product is now on the market.
“We have now supplied dehumidifiers to many different types of industries, wherever the dehumidifier is mounted, there is a distinct difference in the moisture content of the oil,” says Roger.