Hydroren PureTank system

Hydroren PureTank system keeps the hydraulic tank clean. The system includes

· Dry tank.

· Dried filtered tank air.

· Deep filtration of particles.

· Filtration of leakage without back pressure.

· Less grounded air.

· Increased solubility

· Reduction of Varnish.

· Clean tank.

The entire system is built on modules. This makes the system cost effective and that the system can grow into customer needs and hydraulic tank systems.

Hydroren PureTank System extends the life expectancy

Thordab Hydroren PureTank system. A new way to handle the hydraulics Water is one of the biggest enemies in the hydraulics, together with dirt. Generally, a doubling of water content in the hydraulic fluid can halve the life of components in your system. Gearboxes on wind turbines show that life expectancy doubles by reducing the water content from 300 ppm to 70 ppm. The system also ensures that all oil is filtered. Possibility of degassing the oil for less confined air. This makes the system more efficient.